lol….. I would have never taught this…. my own blog!  So cool, anyways the reason i wanted to start a blog is to share my hobby of collecting autographs…. i got into it about almost 3 years ago….. My wife and i went to the Miami Dolphins draft day party at Dolphin stadium and man i was hooked!! It just bought back all these childhood memories of how i use to collect sports cards and stuff. Since i was born in Miami, I’ve always been a huge Florida sports fan…. My Team are as followed ….. the Florida Marlins,Florida Panthers,Miami Dolphins,Miami Heat and of course Da U or the Miami Hurricanes!!!! Since I’m Cuban i always had a back round in baseball…i can remember my dad telling me what team was going to win and what hitter was going to hit a home run that night…. Funny thing looking back now we always made time to watch a little baseball…Before Florida got a team a was a big Giants fan because my favorite player Will Clark played for them at the time. I loved the way he would swing a bat and no matter what he seemed to get on base….Great hitter but never got to big for the fans!!! Well i hope that for my first blog i did a got job…. I will let y’all know about autograph signing happening in Florida and how i did at the signing as well…. thanks for taking the time to read!!! God bless and good night!

here’s a couple of pic’s with the players!

H 2 R and me at fanfest 2007

H 2 R and me at fanfest 2007



Scott Olsen my son Austin and me at a meet and greet!! we miss you scott 😦