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The Definition of accept is 1 a: to receive willingly  b: to be able or designed to take or hold 2: to give admittance or approval to 3 a: to endure without protest or reaction  b: to regard as proper, normal, or inevitable  c: to recognize as true  4 a: to make a favorable response to  b: to agree to undertake  5: to assume an obligation to pay ; also : to take in payment.

The admission by Alex today that he used performance-enhancing drugs kinda shook the ground under my feet a little bit….. I really thought  he would play this out like Barry Bonds or Roger Clemens, but he didn’t. He stepped out to the plate and said YES i did used steroids  from 2001 to 2003. Today I for one changed my mind about A-Rod. By admitting he was wrong for what he did, he seemed a little more human to me. Let’s face it millions and millions of people love A-Rod. But the media as a love – hate relationship  is a different story.They have put him on top of the world of  baseball and kept on push him and push him with everything they can come up with from Alex sleeping with Joslyn Noel Morse the stripper from Toronto to the whole Madonna thing.

 Let’s take it back to the 98 MLB season…. anyone remember that? The year that McGwire and Sosa where chasing Roger Maris single season home run mark of 61 home runs that had stood since 1961…..Well that’s the year i feel MLB came back to everyone in America…Due to the baseball strike of 1994…. The 232-day strike had caused some major damage to MLB’s image….People taught all the owners and players where greedy and only cared about the money. Well thanks to McGwire and Sosa because they single handed bought baseball back home and made people forget about the ’94 strike. So we can sit here and judge Sosa, McGwire, Bonds, Clemens or A-Rod till death do us part but I for one will never live down the moment’s these guy have bought to my life  and my generation. Yes what they did was wrong, but hey i wouldn’t change a damn thing!

The only thing is……. The people in MLB are the real evil empire from Donald Fehr to Bud Selig all crooked on one way or another…. Do you really think that these guys didn’t know what was going on… give me a break. All they saw was money and said to hell with it….let’s keep it rolling.Selig has been widely criticized for not taking an active enough role to stem the tide of steroid use in baseball until it had blossomed into a debilitating problem for the industry.So in the end they get away with it and the players take the fall.. its really a shame.

P.S. Put Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame already, yes the man bet on baseball. He did his time, let Charlie Hustle slide head first into the hall. Love ya Pete!!

Charlie Hustle baby the one and only!!!

Charlie Hustle baby the one and only!!!