Today while driving home with my son, I said to myself “why not go to target and pick up some packs of cards”and that’s what I did. While looking threw all the packs Target had the UD Spectrum stuck out allot. So i said what the hell picked up seven packs and two packs of Topps 2009 series 1. I first opened up the Topps packs, I pulled a Career Best Ryan Braun patch card and a Ted Williams Legends of the Game card. Pretty cool not bad for     two packs of Topps!! Then it was on to the UD Spectrum packs the first couple of packs just the base cards but when I opened the sixth pack I pulled a David Ortiz Spectrum Swatches card. I really have to say that the UD Spectrum cards are really cool looking.To say the lease not a bad day of pack openings!! Then when I get home there’s a package in the mail for me….. It is the base set of the 2009 Topps Heritage Florida Marlins….. Great day!!! enjoy the pics!