Well I’ve always loved all my sports in the MIA, but the one that always was on the back burner was hockey. I remember playing hockey at the Scott Rakow Youth Center down in Miami Beach where i use to live. Those where always some great times. And I taught I was pretty good until I didn’t make the team. Well when i started following hockey the Florida Panthers where a OK team. No major stars but they had heart and a will that couldn’t be broken. That’s what got them to the finals that one year back in 96′. But with everything else soon that team was no longer and a bunch of new cats where taking over. One of them was Roberto Luongo who was traded here to Florida with another guy y’all might know Olli Jokinen for Mark Parrish and a couple other bench warmers. So as the year went by I really started to enjoy Luongo in goal for the Panthers. And as you would have it I started going to a couple of games a year. Well i had a friend who was a big Jim Kelly fan and he really wanted to meet and get something signed by Jim. Well as my luck would have it he was signing down in 154 NW and BFE somewhere. Mind you i live in Palm Beach that’s a long drive. Well i told him and he asked me what would i want to trade for a Kelly football…. i told him what do you want to get rid of ? And he said well i have this hockey stick that’s taking up space in my house would you like that? And without even asking who it was signed by i said yes! Well to my jaw dropping surprise it was a game used Roberto Luongo goalie stick signed by him and he also threw in a game used puck also signed by Luongo…. And to this day i have loved this trade!!! Enjoy the pics!