On March 28 i sent out two pictures for Mr. Snider to sign for me. I was hopeing to at least get one back and i taught he would keep the other one. No big deal, right? Well when I got home today of course, there where the Will Clark cards I bought on Ebay and one Dan Uggla also. Plus I had made a trade with one of my buddies for Brian over at 30 year old cardboard. ( Brian your going to love these cards!!!) . And there it was the envelope that I had sent Mr. Snider. Well as soon as I saw it, a big smile was on my face. I opened it in the car and what do you know he signed both pictures!!! What a guy!!! I mean, It so cool to add Mr. Snider to my autograph collection. Here are the pics enjoy!


And here are the cards for Brian at 30 year old cardboard!! I’ll mail them out to you and Friday.