This one was a easy pick for me because i enjoyed this player ans the little time he spent with the Miami Heat. I remember reading that he was going to be signing at a now closed down store. The smile on my face was big and the only thing was that it was an hour and 45 minute drive. But i didn’t care i wanted him in my collection and nothing was going to stop me. By the way his name is Shawn Marion Aka The Matrix. When i got there i was about 7th in line but i was early about 2 hours. So i did what every one else does make friends. I met this cool kid named Ozzie and his girlfriend. They where huge Heat fans and would go anywhere for a player signing. I still keep in touch with Ozzie thought email. I also won tickets standing in line answer a Heat question. Well the time had come and i’m about the meet The Matrix as i get up to him i have a ball and a couple of pictures. He looks up and said i’m going to have to charge you for all that. I laughed and so did he as he signed my stuff. What a cool guy, i asked him if it was alright if i went to the car and got another basketball for my buddy to have signed and he said hell yeah its cool. So i ended up with two balla nd four pictures signed. Sadly enough only about 50 people showed up. Well here are the pics enjoy!