Being that I’m a Florida Marlins fan i had a chance to see on the field what this guy could do. Even tho it was the ending of this long great career it was fun seeing him play. It’s always great to see a home grown player reach the top of his sport like he did. His name Andre Dawson AkA “The Hawk”. His guy was one of the best players in MLB in the late 70’s and all thought out the 80’s. His Accomplishments speak for them self 1977 National League Rookie of the Year, 8 Time Gold Glove Winner, 1987 National League Most Valuable Player, 8 Time All-Star, and 4 x Sliver Slugger Award Winner!! Should the Hall of Fame be calling hmmmm…. Hell yeah!! The Hawk is one bad ass dude and remembers everyone he signs for. So Remember be nice and say please and thank you. Thanks Mr. Dawson for signing these things for me!!! On to the pics!