Hi guys!!

Sorry it took so long to post, I’ve just about to start moving into our new place and just been getting ready for today…. Today i got the keys to our new home and it’s going to be an undertaking to move! you never know how much stuff you have until you start packing it all up…. And let me tell you we have allot of crap! But anyways i hope to complete the move in two weeks…. OK on to the good stuff…… First of all a huge shout out to Jay AKA Mojo at The Mojo Hand for the package of Marlins cards thank you very much for your act of kindness!!! Another shout out to Grand Cards for the three Florida Marlins cards from the WBC set, Thank you very much!!!! And thank you Brain at 30 Year Old Cardboard for the Will Clark autographed card and the two Marlin cards!! That Will Clark card means allot thanks again!!

Well i got back some TTM of Fran Tarkenton and Bobby Doerr……. Will post pictures later on tonight… and i have another giveaway coming up!!! Please stay tuned…..