Hope all of you in the blog world have a happy and safe 4th of July…. While your out there BBQing or sitting and enjoying the sun please make sure to take a few minutes and say a little prayer for all of your troops over seas and that have pasted to give this country the freedom we have today. I for one will be saying a little pray for my best friend Cesar that is in the Air Force. Cesar if your reading this i love you and thank you!!! Hope to see you real soon like 2010 remember Super Bowl and Pro Bowl this year here in Miami!!!! I’ll have your tickets waiting for you!!

Anyways have fun and remember those troops!!! Happy Independence’s Day!!!


Sorry about taking so long to post I’ve been trying to get my collection into boxes and blinders so i’m almost done and by the way if i owed you cards there in the mail sent out some packages yesterday! Thanks again for reading god bless!!!!