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Well i have to say that this story is one of my favorites because of how it happened! I ended up drive about 100 miles from where i live to get this autograph, but i knew that if i didn’t do it i would never would have gotten it. Plus the fact that it was free made it feel just right! Well the line was long and the heat here in sunny South Florida was not letting up. Like i always do i got there early and was like 10th in line which was great. I had heard it on the radio that Miguel Cabrera was going to be signing at a AT&A shop down in South Miami. So of course i had to be there! Well as I’m standing in line i see a car hit another car in the parking lot and the drivers are going crazy ( which is why i don’t miss Miami at all, people down there can’t drive for shit!) So i start to laugh because i think it funny. All of a sudden one of the drive is walking my way asking me “why am i laughing???” so i had the overall group support from the people in line…. so i said “dude that shit was funny”…. And the people in line where telling him to get the f!@# out of there before they started to kick his ass…. and thats what he did, he power walked back to his car….. which in turn got us more wilded up. Anyways back to the story…. finally Miggy shows up and starts to sign i walk up to him and he seemed kind of shy but was a really nice guy, he signed my ball and jersey and let me take a picture with him. After that i did the line again and got my friend Lou a ball for him too. Overall a great time and i had some good friends while in line so you can’t beat that!