Since being a Marlins fan means always saying goodbye to your favorite players, I knew the day would come for the D-Train to be shipped out some where else…… Look I’ve been a Marlins fan since the first day they started in MLB… Hell i even wrote an essay on what the name of the team should be….. But I’ve always have had a love-hate relationship with this team…. Dontrelle to me was going to be the Marlin that had a long playing career with the Marlins…. But nope shipped to the Tigers with Miggy for 6 guys….. Mind you i love Andrew Miller but damn D-money gone??? It just killed me, and its really sad to see him going though what he going though right now. D we will always love you down here!!!! Anyways getting to my collection….. I’ve met D a couple of times and was lucky enough to get a couple of pieces sign…. plus i collect his cardboard too, I have about 127 cards of his and my collection is still growing….. So if anyone has some D-Train cards please hit me up!!! Here are some pics, enjoy!