Hey guys, This post is aimed at the Tribe fans out there….. A couple of years ago i was lucky enough to be at a golf course that Rocky Colavito was playing golf at or at least trying to play golf (yikes bad slice). Well when he headed for the clubhouse so did i….. i caught up to him and asked him if he could sign this magazine i had…. And he said of course but then he asked me a question that I’ll never forget…… He asked ” How did you know who i was, there’s no way you could have seen me play, your way to young”  And i was Mr. Colavito believe it or not at my age i know a whole hell of allot about baseball and you sir i know that you once hit four home runs in one game! He told me a was a sharp one and then he put on the mag “4 HRs 6-10-59” What a guy, I thanked him and said good luck…. I’ll never forget that day…. Well the time has come to find a new home for this bad boy…. If any takers please feel free to contact me…… Thanks for reading!DSC08069