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Since 2009 Topps Allen & Ginter came out I’ve been looking on Ebay for the Dontrelle Willis cards from that set. Even tho I’ve brought a couple of blaster boxes and about 20 loose packs, I still haven’t pulled a D-Train card yet. So I’ve turned to the Ebay for some help, I’m not bidding on the base cards of the set. I think that’s just silly but the hard pulls from the set. I got burned at the last second for the printing plate, and the silk card but tonight i scored the no numbered back mini 39/50. I had seen a couple of these go really high into the 30 bucks zone…. But I think this guy i brought it from didn’t label the heading on his page right so i took it home for 5.25!!! Which is great news for me!! Trust me the D-train collection keeps growing every day….. And with help from you guys, I will be the Willis super collector in no time!