Ah yes….. the first piece, the one that started it all. Well the funny thing was that we didn’t even know if we could make it or not. The year 2005 my wife and i went to the Dolphins draft day party…… We had stopped by a Champs store and picked up a football and mini helmet just in case we would be able to get some autograph’s…. But the main reason we where going was to look into some season tickets! Well we found the seats we wanted and went off to paid to have the seat. Bang, we done! Then we see a line forming and jump into it….. She had the mini helmet and i had the football….. To make a long story short, we ended staying there about 4 hours to collect all the autographs we could and, man was it fun! Well she soon lost the passion but not me. I love going to signing and meeting the players and meet autograph seekers like me! That was the reason for this blog in the first place, to meet people like me that have the same crazy feeling i do! But as you would have it…. I got back into collecting baseball cards again and its so much fun also. So the blogging world opened me up to people just like me and into collecting cards again! I love this place…….


There it is….. My first autographed piece!!