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First things first…… I have a couple of trades in the works with a couple of you, You guys know who you are I finally got the cards together now its getting them packed and sent so by Saturday they should be in the mail. Now i have gone threw haft my collection and found allot of cards i would love to trade…. So i will start i new posting with the card of the day for trade, I thought that way i can get people to look at least……..Here’s what one of my tades looks like….


See all those cards on the bottom, yup there for trade!!! And the stacks of cards are just a few teams Yankee,Redsoxs,O’s,Tribe,Reds,Mets,L.A.D.,Cubs, and D-backs….. And mind you i’ve only gone threw half, My wife is going to give me some pow-pow! Let me know if you guys want to trade again!

Now some TTM going out on Tuesday……Virgil Trucks played for the Tigers back in the day and threw two no hitters…i’ll be sending Mr. trucks 4 pictures for him to sign, hopefully i’ll get back two.. here are the pics….


U1068254Virgil Trucks4

Also it’s been a very slow week for me TTM wise, But i should have at least a couple of packages in the mail some time this week….. I’ve sent out a couple about 3 weeks ago so i know at least one will come back….Keepin’ my fingers crossed!