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This is going to be a series to help me get rid of some “hits” that i don’t want! I have no space for them and they need to go…. first up is….. A 2009 Topps commemorative patch card of the 1972 All-Star Game with St.Louis great Bob Gibson on it LPR-36……..Next we have a 2008 Upper Deck Timeline Memorabilia card of Houston own Miguel Tejada….. Then we have a 2008 Upper Deck Sweetspot autographed of Justin Verlander number 74/125 in red ink….We also have a 2008 Torii Hunter Clubhouse Collection Relics from Topps Heritage and a 2009 Topps Career Best of Ryan Braun and last we have a 2006 Upper Deck Amazing Greats of Randy Johnson game used piece of pants…. that’s it for now please let me know if you want any of these cards….. Thanks!


I’m also looking for any Luis Tiant cards or auto’s i’m trying to collect all Cuban baseball player that have played in the majors….