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Ebay and me have a love and hate relationship……. If i get on there i almost can’t leave without placing a bid….. It’s sick, I tell you….. But i usually pick up some great deals, so that’s where the love comes in…. OK on the two cards i picked up…. When i buy cards from Ebay i tend to see what else the seller has and if i want it for my self or to use in a trade…. While the first card i had to have a 2007 UD Exquisite auto/patch card of MR.Willis himself numbered to 85….. Then the second card is a 2007 UD Exquisite auto card of Kevin Kouzmanoff numbered to 8/20…. This card is aimed at Sooz at A CardBoard Problem…. I would love to trade!!! Hit me up please….. Here a pic…