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Well its been a couple of days since i posted but i’ve been very busy with my work and today being my older son’s birthday…. Yup they grow up really fast today he turned three! Just crazy…. But getting back to baseball…. In the mail box yesterday i had a couple of things waiting for me in there…. First let’s talk about Mr. Art Pennington, I had seen on Carl Crawford Cards that he had sent and gotten back a card of Mr. Pennington signed…. So of couse i asked him for the address and stuff….. Well he told me that Mr. Pennington had lost everything in a big storm and need help…. Well with my card i sent him 20 bucks and a nice note letting him know that i feel for him. Well in about a week he sent back my card signed….. Mr. Pennington first of all, best of luck to you and godspeed and thank you for getting the card back to me.


Living in Florida we all know about the storms and hurricanes that every year we’re fighting with. My family lost allot during hurricane Andrew back in 95′. And i’ve first hand have seen the chaos that these thing cause. So please if you have a card of Mr. Pennington and a few extra bucks help him out… If you need his address let me know and i’ll get it to you! Peace out!!!!!