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Well on Friday the 28th there was a signing at the Coconut Creek Seminole Casino at 7:30 pm…… I work about 7 minutes away so i taught why not hit it up……. So i get there at about 6:30 and just start to walk around. I’ve never been there so i just wanted to see what it was all about. Allot of older people and allot of drinking and spending money….. To make a long story short i was first in line, one of the casino peeps said no pictures on the casino floor so there where no pics taken…. But i did get all the things i took signed….. The two that where signing where Ed Kranepool of NY Mets fame and Stan Bahnsen AL ROY 68 plus a Yankee (ewwww)…. Both of them where really nice and thanked me for been first in line. Stan talked to me for about 10 mins asking me about my age and how i knew so much about baseball….. Overall great time! Here are some pics……



Ps. I’m willing to trade any one these 8×10’s please shoot me an email if  u like…….