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Today when i got home i had three packages waiting for me in the mailbox….. now i have to tell you guys that i at least send out 5 packages a week ….. So i had no idea who had returned to me the cards i sent out….. Well the first one was one boy… Livan Hernandez. I was really happy about this one because as a lot of you know he’s from Cuba…… Which me being Cuban would tell you why i was happy! Plus the fact that he helped win the 97 series for the Marlins helps! Here a pic…


Now on the 2nd one….. This one came back from Cali…. It was Fernando Valenzuela yay-yay!! I couldn’t belive it, I had sent him three cards to sign with a nice letter telling him to please sign one and keep the others…. Well he didn’t keep the others he signed all three!! The only downfall it looks like he signed them with a ballpoint pen…. But still a great auto! Here a pic!


And last was this gem…. Carl Crawford, sweet!! eat your heart out Troll!! lol anyway i had sent Mr.Crawford two card but he only sent one back which is find in my book….. I sent this out before spring training started, so its been a while but who care it’s here now! Thanks to all the great peeps that sign!!