Well here we go…. First of all i would like to take the time to say RIP Patrick Swayze you where one badass dude, the movie world as lost a great person…..Godspeed to the family…..

Ok the UD X box break was allot of fun…. and yes it was busted in my car, i can’t help it. Well the box was cheap and i could beat the deal….. So i bought it! I pulled almost all of the base cards about 78% and the foil cards look great…. Plus i pulled three hits…. Not bad at all!! Well if i had to grade it…. It gets a B-. The colors on the cards look great and its a great first time set builders set…. i for one will not be collecting the set so all cards are up for trade….. I would tell people to buy this product. Just price alone you can’t beat it!


The base cards look great, love how the backround color blends in…..


If i had to go with one thing to chase out of this set, these would be the cards i would chase. I love the cut of the cards.


The foil and color of the cards really stand out plus the fact that there great looking cards…..


And the hits….. Nice pulls but not for me…. Remember all cards are up for trade plus the ones you didn’t see.