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I know i’m way behind in my posts…. And i’m really sorry about that i’ve been crazy busy at work and when i get home i’m pooped! Troll,Pelf,ChrisOk, and the others i forgot, i will post our trades as soon as i can…..On to the box break…..

The base cards are nice but i taught they could have been better. The card stock is nice and thick but other than that there is nothing that really pop’s about this card set….. Here are some base cards….


See what i mean??? Very blah…. Oh well all cards are for trade!!! I really did enjoy ripping open these packs tho…..Here’s some more base cards….


ok on to the hits……The one card i did pull that i was really happy with was a game used Will Clark card, that i didn’t have so that was nice! The other hits where cool but not anyone i collect so once again all cards ( not the Will) are for trade…..


And last are the auto’s….. I really taught that the auto cards where really done well…. I liked the fact that there where a couple differct looking cards with auto’s on them….. Thats it, overall i was happy with the cards but it doesn’t look like I’ll be going after the set…. Thanks for reading!!