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What can i said, i think that i’ve been on a tear lately with all these TTM’s…. Shout out to 30-year old Cardboard for being my Master in all this TTMing stuff….. Without him there wouldn’t be My Past Time……. I Love It!! or TTM… Well today in the mailbox where a couple of packages one from Behind These Hazel Eyes another from Beardys Baseball Blog and last but not least was Ryan’s Memorabilia Blog…. Plus a couple of letters…. I’ll start off with good ole’ Tommy Hutton…. Now Tommy is the play by play man down here for the Florida Marlins, and boy let me tell you this guy is great at his job plus he always goes out of his way to sign for the fans…. So when i saw his rookie card at the shop i buy cards at, i had to get it and send it to him…. so here it is….


Plus i sent him another card to sign since i didn’t have any other cards of him. Ok moving on next up is Mr. Al Rosen, He has always been a great signer and today nothing has changed….. I sent Mr.Rosen 3 cards for him to sign and guess what he does?? Throws in a 4th card…. What a guy!!


Alright and last we have Mr.Bobby Shantz…. I was looking for a card or two to send to Bobby but i could never find one so i went to the card shop and as luck would have it i found this Ted Williams card company card of Bobby…. you know what i did… Sent it right over to him and he signed it and also put 1952 AL MVP on that bad boy!!


I’ll be posting about the trade later on also Hey, That’s Mines!! sent over some great cards that i’ll be posting about NeXt!!!!