Well here i am again….. Sorry about the two days that past without a post. I’ve just been drained. I have a couple of things to get off my chest. Well for the first time i got really screwed by a trading person…. I won’t get into names but that really bothered the hell out of me…. He had the balls to send me an email making fun that i got screwed…. Funny thing is i still have his address, but i’m over that stage in my life…. Guess i’m going to use the line dad use to tell me all the time “Can’t cry over spilled milk, you just have to charge it to the game”  But to be truthful i’m pissed….. Enough about that, moving on….


Here’s a Great trade with Ryan\’s Memorabilia Blog…. Now this is a trade!! M.Ryan a real stand up guy and very kind with his trades…… I love the Hanley box topper but that Timmy auto is so so sweet!! Thanks so much and be on the look out for your package in the next couple of day…..

On a closing note…. I hope that this doesn’t happen to allot of peeps out there…. It really sucks to feel like you got played. But i wouldn’t let it kill my trust with my fellow blogger becuase truth by told i’ve made some great friends here and hopefully more to come…. And to that person, you know who you are…. I got two words for ya…SUX IT!!