Just wanted to send a shout out to my dog Troll!! Homie I’ve been looking in my boxes and have come up with these two so far…. But i’ll keep looking….Pinky swear!!


Now to who i own cards tooooo….. Where do i start,crap! Hmmmm…. Behind These Hazel Eyes , dude your cards are almost ready to be shipped which i’ll be doing on Sat. That goes for most of these trades all will be going out on Sat. Next Carl Crawford Cards still working on cards for you, don’t worry i’ll hook you up! Hey, That’s Mines!! the Hanley are ready to be shipped on Sat. Mike Pelfrey Collectibles your auto DM card will be on its way with some other goodies on Sat. Offy’s Sports Site your stuff is almost complete too and will be going out on Sat. Play At The Plate B, still working on your but hopefully it too will be out on Sat. Ryan\’s Memorabilia Blog your is a go…. all ready to be shipped and will be out on Sat. Allot of Cal’s in there for you!! The Collective Troll you know you should be getting a package from me tomorrow but also i have another one going out to you on Sat. Waxaholic i have a couple of new 8×10’s for you also the 78-79 Hockey cards too… I haven’t forgotten just wanted to make sure the other two packages i sent got there good…..Great Sports Name Hall of Fame i have most of your cards ready to going i got the package you sent with the four Manny’s in it…Thank you and i will be posting about it soon! garvey cey russell lopes yours is almost ready too and will be out on Sat. I also got your package thanks again for all the great cards and i also will be posting about it soon! 

Now if i missed someone please leave me a comment and i’ll make sure to get you on the list… I’m sorry if i forgot anyone but its sometimes hard to keep up with so many trades…. Please leave the comment before Sat that way i can’t get everything out at once… Thanks to everyone who’s traded with me and has keeped it real!! Anyone down to join the Blog NWO?? Holla…

-Hollywood WickedOrtega