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Today when i got home… I grabed the puppies and took them for a walk to the mailboxs. Opened it up and saw three letters in my handwriting so i knew what they were but from who, i had no idea…. The pups did there thing and i went inside the house. Opened up my lettles and was very happy with what was inside…. The first one was of a great pitcher that was always unrated… Bobby Witt. I got to see Bobby play while he spent some time with the Marlins back in the 90’s. I had sent him five cards and he sent back all five signed. Play At The Plate would you like one?? Holla! Also Hey, That’s Mines!! you too?? Get at me!


Don’t ask for the Marlin one…. That’s mine! Anyways move…… now these two are a great pair of cards signed by two of the great players from the Negro Leagues…. Willie Williams and Clyde Parris, I had put them in the mail less than a week ago and got them back today.. Thank you so much you two!!!


On a closing note i will be hitting up the card shop tomarrow…. I’m going to be doing some shopping ….hehehe…. i don’t think i’m going to buy a box til the T206 comes out but i’m going after singles and my player collection cards….. If you like leave me a comment and tell me if i see anything that you like to pick it up and i will…. You have til thrusday at 1:00 pm on the East Coast to let me know…. Holla!!