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Headed over to the shop and Wal-mart this weekend and picked up some nice cards along the way plus some packs too! The packs had to go with Goodwin and Chrome…. I love the Chromes and there WBC cards, and the Goodwin just seening what else i can pull out of there…. Over all the packs sucked. I did pull an auto but of some rookie from the Rangers named Derek Holland….

“Derek is a classic case of outstanding amateur scouting. We projected him to continue to improve. Did we think he’d throw 95-98? It’s hard to ever project that. He’s gotten stronger, he’s gotten better with his work ethic. It’s a testament to our scouting, our coaching staff and to his dedication to improving now that he’s settled into the pro side.” — Rangers Director of Minor League Operations John Lombardo

We’ve heard all that jazz before…. Brian Taylor anyone?? Time will tell i guess…But the card is up for trade!!!

Other than that…. no such luck, and i’m really tired of buying packs just to open something… Can’t wait for T206!! But i also picked up some great looking cards of Ron Santo, Frank Howard and Jim Lonborg na d jose Tartabull that i needed for my player collection! Fun times!! And i got all the packages together to be shipped but didn’t have time to make it to the post office but on Monday i will and they will be on there way… Sorry for the wait!