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While i sit here just thinking i had a couple of ideas running wild in my head and thought why not share, so here i go! First thing most of the packages made it to the post office today… I hope all will be happy with what i sent. At the post office today while in was going in a older lady had her hangbag pulled from her by a man…. funny thing is as i was coming in he was trying to run out, so what did the don do? I slammed the door shut and he bounced off that door like a bat to a ball. Then one of the guys from the mail room jump on top of him til the cops came… Now this is where it gets better, i thought that Saturday i was going to have time to go to the post office by where i live, but nope! Time once again ran out on me, so i thinking no biggie on moday i’ll hit up the post office by work… So was i meant to be there and slam that door?? Only God knows…..

Also my buddy Troll is only 1 card away from killing off the 1978 Topps set. The card in question is Mr.Bill “Spaceman” Lee. If anyone has this card, please let me know and i will trade you for it!

Another thing i was thinking of asking a couple of bloggers that read this blog if they wouldn’t mind and write a guest post on my blog… Just idea, let’s see if anyone bites.

And in closing two things that i also wanna put out there… First thing we should all come together and have an event on a blog for bloggers…. Like blog of the year,rookie of the year, best trading buddy, etc. Sound good?? I would need some vets help on this one… Blogs that have been around for more than a year or two ( wink wink Nightowl ). And last after the Trolls great run of 1978, I too will be building a set… 1980 Topps for me please!! I will be getting a checklist together soon! Thanks for reading!


We’re going ahead with the Cardblogger Awards!!! M.Ryan from Ryan’s Memorabilia Blog and myself have set up a site and everything…. If you would like more info please check out Cardbloggerawards’s Blog. This is going to allot of fun!! hope everyone takes part…. Post it on your blogs…. Link it to you blogs…. Fun times are ahead!!!