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Ah yes, this trade is with one of top homies in this blogging world, Sir Troll. ( you know that he’s be knighted,right? ) Anyways Troll knows what i like and i know what he likes….. 1978 was right on top of his list and i thought that sharing is caring and i sent him the two most die-hard cards from that set…..Eddie and Paul rookies!! No biggie i knew he wanted them and i had them just sitting in a box….. Off they go.. Well Troll sent me some great cards in return starting with my dog Miggy and Big Papi and Mannywood!! Plus a Jose Tartabull card that i didn’t have …… Troll thanks buddy, love the cards and most of them i didn’t have!

P.S. If anyone has a 1978 Bill “Spaceman” Lee card please drop me a comment i would love to trade for it….. And kill off the Trolls set! Holla!