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Today at the card shop while i picked up a ton of cards for a couple of trade bait posts ( coming soon ), I also bought a couple of packs… Some SP and some Topps Updates and Highlights and last 4 packs of Ticket To Stardom…. Well the packs didn’t yeild any hits until i got to the Ticket to Stardom packs. The 2nd pack i pulled this card on top. It’s of Evan Longoria and it’s a numbered card to 99…. The shop owner told me that he would give me 30 bucks cash or to pick a couple of packs…. I wondered why he would want this card so bad?? Well i turned him down and kepted the card…. Now here’s the fun part, I know i have a couple of friends on here that would love to add this card to their collections…. I’m looking for the best deal on this boys!! I turned down some money on this one but i wanted it to go to a home that would love it…. I’m not looking for money just a fun trade. I hope i get a good turn out of this, if not oh well maybe i’ll start collecting Evan. lol