Well since my good friend Marck aka The Collective Troll had not posted since the 13th of this month, i taught why not shoot him an email to make sure he was alright….. but i never got an answer…. which is really werid because he pretty good about answering the emails i sent him almost daily… Well i go to the mailbox and there a package there for me from him, yay! On the back it had his number and siad to text him which i did…. He wanted to let ya’ll know that he alright and will be back in a week or two…. He also said to keep it real in the blog-o-sphere which all of ya’ll that know the don it doesn’t get any realer than that! And that he missed everyone…. So the Troll is alive again and you heard it here first… Troll we miss you too buddy, hurry back miss reading your long posts!!!