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Today was a good day….. Before going to the mall and meeting a baseball icon, i taught i share a little something of a memory to most that live in South Florida…. The OB!! When i was little live down in South Beach there was no other place i love to go than the OB….. I watch so many Hurricane games out there plus i also caught a few Fins games too….. The OB was old and it smelled like a piss pot but damn the history in there was unmatched…..It hosted five Super Bowls,popular boxing bouts,concerts and so much more….. Home to the Miami Hurricanes since 1937 to 2007 when the Canes jumped ship and moved into Landshark…..But did you know that The Orange Bowl was also the site of the NCAA’s longest college football winning streak. Between 1985 and 1994, the Miami Hurricanes won 58 straight home games at the Bowl, until ended by the Washington Huskies. I know, so with much anger from me and other peeps in South Florida the OB was put to rest on May 14, 2008. I know for one it will always live in my heart as one for the best places to go and its sad that my kids didn’t get to sit in it and take it all in… The OB had swagger just like the team that called it home…. We miss ya!!!

And if you wanna know what’s being build there now…. Well its the new home of the soon to be called Miami Marlins…. The Marlins taught it was right to change there name since they will now be playing officely in Miami AKA Magic City…. Bitter sweet in all ways…….

                            Rest in Peace OB : December 10, 1937 to May 14, 2008