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Pepole have been talking about it, and the blog’s have been saying don’t do it!! But as many of you know the Don has his own way of doing things…. And fact of the matter speaking it doesn’t matter what people say!! So i did it anyways and went to Target and picked up one of those damn 2009 Sweet Spot Tins….. Plus a couple of blasters of Topps 206 and some cheap 2008 packs….. Now i can sit here and tell you that i was happy with what i pull but that’s a big Hell No!! At 30 bucks a pop i would make sure there was an auto in there but there wasn’t… and the Topps 206 was on the same level, 2 blasters and i didn’t even pull a Marlin?? Come on Topps….. Ya’ll are killing me over 70 bucks spent and just some base cards to show for it… Maybe i should just stick to singles, cause packs are killing me. Oh well… i can’t cry over spilled milk i just have to charge it to the game…. But really tho Upper Deck and Topps step up your game, i’m sure retail is your big money maker. Look out for those of us that buy retail cause hobby sooner or later, only the web will be the only place where we’re going to be able to pick up a box of hobby…. Word life!