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First off… As you all know that read this blog, book valve has nothing to do with this blog… It’s out the window here, I collect for fun and the great trading that happens in the blogging world. With that said yesterday was the first time i offered a trade  for a card and the person bought you the term: Book Valve….. What is book valve? Is it what Beckett say it is? Or how bout Tuff Stuff, don’t they count?? To me the card has a valve of what it means to you…. I’ve never taught i would be talking about this and as ya’ll know this ain’t no ranting blog but i felt brothered by it. I don’t know why it stayed with me but it did…. And i was mad at the fact that it came down to that….. Now the card in question is a card of a guy that i’ve gotten an autograph before a couple of times…. So it wasn’t so much the auto its a card of someone i collect….. No big deal looked it up and on a couple of sites, it sell for around 15 to 25 bucks……. Now its not the money, its the taught that i was thinking that this blogging world was above that….. Blogger like Troll,Play at the Plate,Mojo,Night Owl,M.Ryan,30 YOCB, Mario i mean the list can go on and on and they all have sent great cards and wanted nothing back…. (sorry if i left anyone out)

It’s funny cause just the other day Beardy and me were talking about not caring for book valve in our emails… If we start to put a valve on very card we own, We might as well grab a shove and start digging this hobby into the ground…. I for one will never ever bring up book valve nor will i ever buy a Beckett to see what a card is worth. It’s all about fun, This isn’t stocks and bonds.. We live and die with our teams and the players we collect and most of us would trade anything to get a card of a player or team we collect… And thats what i love about this hobby… and when my kids are ready to start collect they too will know that the only valve that card they want has is the valve they put on it and not these overhyped big outlets like Beckett and the rest of those pirates….

Sorry for the rant…. Ya’ll know its not like me! Wicked out!!!!