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My dog Jimmy has had some great song over the years….. But there one line in one of his songs that always has stood out to me…. “Id rather die while I’m living than live while I’m dead” ah yes…… So true, to me this doesn’t apply to yet..Being that I’m a young stud at 31 years old in my collecting prime, I would say…… Now this post is going nowhere but i taught it would be funny just to speak my mind…. Lately tho i have been feeling old, my body ain’t what it use to be and i hurt everyday….. But my mind, I think is young and full of life and knows a lot of dumb information…. But what i wanna know is what happens when your body can’t keep up with your mind?? Hopefully i’ll never know the answer to that one….. You see no where….

Now on to a trade with the homie from Play At The Plate….. You wanna talk about a kind and giving person, all you have to do is take one look over at Brian at a Play At The Plate….. this man goes out of his way to send not one but two packages to the MIA without any warning…. And man, did he send some goodies…. Will Clark…check! Marlin cards…. check! An auto of Adrain Gonzalez…check! A Dan Uggla jersey card….check! Dude is just great….Unselfish as they get! Thanks Brian, be on the look out for a package from me soon….