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Well i got a great big ole treat when the wife got home today….. After work she had gone to a new place that opened up by her job. It’s like a big market place where you have a bunch of vendors selling allot of stuff….. Well as she was walking she saw a table that had a couple of bobble heads on it…. Now she know that i love me some bobble heads, she calls me and tells me who that have, i was like no thank you. Well she also told me he had two little bags aka team bags on the table…. One being the Tigers and the other the Royals…. I was like damn, i told her to ask how much and the guy said a dollar… I was like ok pick them both up…. So she did, well she got home and i ask her for them…. I open the Tigers bag a bunch of 84,78,87 cards allot of common and a couple of well known player like jack clark and krik gibson…. I get to the Royals bag same old crap going over the cards i see a george Brett card from 75’…. hmmmm wasn’t George’s first year card 75′??? DAmn right it was!!!! Woooo-Hoooo i got his fing rookie card for a buck! I couldn’t stop smiling and its in close to mint too!! Thank booboo!!!