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Well let’s see…. How to start this one, lets start with a little history. The Troll and myself came together in the most weirdest ways…. I had the Dontrelle Willis market on the block cornered, then I read i post of the Troll where he posted that he was going to start to collect D-Train’s…. In my Living Color voice said ” oh no he didn’t” and let a comment on his post that I was the number 1 D-Train collector in these here blogs… I wasn’t looking for a fight and at the time taught it was funny… But i could see where it would rubbed the wrong person the wrong way…. But lucky for me he was a friendly Troll :)….. And that’s how our great friendship began… We have trade allot and every trade we’ve put together is a blast. The icon that is the Troll is a super-duper trading buddy and one of my top homie in this here blogging world! So if ya mess with the Troll your mess with the Don.

Anyways The other day he sent a package so big that i needed two people to carry it…j/k But really tho it was the biggest package I’ve ever gotten from a trade. And let me tell you this package was full of grade A stuff….. I’ll start out with the two card in the picture up top…. A Sweet Ryan Zimmerman Auto and a Adrian Gonzalez card number to 50 i think….. The Troll knows what the Don likes and these two cards hit the spot. Mad love to the Troll for his great gifts and there will be more of these posts coming soon…. WK4LiFe….