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Wow, I taught i had no chance in hell of winning it… But it just goes to show. First I would like to thank all the people I’ve traded with and that vote for me…. Without you guys there no way I would have walked way with this award. It’s an honor to be thought of so highly when it comes to trading. I will keep on doing right in trades, and will keep on going to the shops for trade bait. And you never have to worry about the term “Book Valve” around here, if you see something you like you just have to let me know! 2nd of all a big thank you to Drew over at Drew’s Cards for putting all of this together. Without him none of this is possible, so thanks again for your hard work and time put into this!

As you can see in my blog title I’ve added 2009 Trader of the Year Award Winner. Just to let everyone know that I’m a good trader to trade with…. Thanks again to all my peers in the blogging world with your blogs there wouldn’t be a My Past Time……. I Love It!!…. Thanks!

And a big shout out and congrats to all the other winner too!!