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Since i didn’t get allot of baseball cards for Christmas, I took it upon myself to hook myself up…. I went to a great spot to buy singles… Checkoutmycards.com and went to work…. And for only 30 bucks i picked up some nice looking cards… Other than the card shop and maybe once in a while Ebay, this is the spot to hit… Well on to the cards!!!

This first lot was for my player collection of Cuban born Tony Oliva… As ya’ll may know already i tend to collect cards of Cuban born player, since i’m Cuban! Well Tony is one of the greatest players to come out of Cuba and is really loved in his home town of Pinar del Río. As you can see i picked up a few Tony’s, but that 64′ rookie card is sweet and guess how much i paided for it?? 4.00 bucks, yup sweeeet!! I also love the 68′ All-Star card of Tony too…

Next we have more player collection help with a couple of Bert Campaneris…. Now Campy was a 6 time All-Star and 3 time world Champs with the A’s. Also Cuban born in a town called Pueblo Nuevo of the Matanzas Province. Campy’s last game was with the New York Yankees in 83′. He played a total of 19 years in MLB. I picked up a 68′ and 69′ Campy for less than 1.50…. plus the mini from 75′ is great..

Now moving right along here a pic of some other cards i picked up to help my player collections….Enjoy!