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Well since everyone around the blogging world has bought up about every issue they have with the Hall, I taught why not bring my issues with the Hall to the table. First off the voting parcentages just don’t add up….. Did you know that Tom Seaver got the highest voting percentage since the Hall opened?? Over players like Ruth,Cobb, and Wanger….How good was “Terrific” Tom Seaver (ranked #1 above overall)? He struck out more than two-hundred batters in nine consecutive seasons, nineteen batters in one game once, was awarded three Cy Young Awards and won more than three-hundred games during his Major League career. But was he better than Nolan Ryan, that would be a big hell no! Even tho Ryan is ranked number two but still Seaver wasn’t better than allot of pitchers in his time……. I would have to put Jim Palmer and Steve Carlton in front of Seaver….. Why you ask?? Let’s break it down…. Palmer was absolutely incredible for the entire decade as he won 20 games eight times, while leading the league in wins three times. He also led the AL in ERA twice, innings pitched four times, and shutouts once.His best season, although there were many to choose from, came in 1975 when he went 23-11, 2.09 ERA, and 193 Ks, leading the league in wins and ERA.He also posted an AL high 10 shutouts. Plus remember six-time All-Star three-time Cy Young Winner.  Now on to Carlton was the best left hander of the decade and is arguably the best of all time, although I think Koufax and Spahn both have him beat.He won his first Cy Young in incredibly impressive fashion, as he won the pitching Triple Crown with a line of 27-10, 1.97 ERA, and 310 Ks.He did all that for a Phillies team that went 59-97, as he won nearly half of their games.His second Cy Young came in 1977, when he led the NL in wins with a 23-10 record, adding a 2.64 ERA and 194 Ks as well.

As for Seaver, Tom is one of the most dominant pitchers of all time, let alone the 1970s, as he possessed a blazing fastball and pin point control.He only posted an ERA over 3.00 twice during the decade, and won three ERA titles.His first Cy Young came in 1973, when he went 19-10, 2.08 ERA, and 251 Ks, leading the league in ERA, Ks, as well as CG with 18.He also posted an incredible WHIP of 0.976.His second Cy Young came two years later, when he led the NL in wins with a 22-9 record and in Ks with 243.His 2.38 ERA was third in the NL, leaving him just short of the pitching Triple Crown.

But when you look at the numbers it really shows that Palmer and Carlton where better than him over the years…. Then why did Seaver get 98.84% of the votes and is ranked number one as for Palmer, he is ranked 21 and only got 92.57%. Carlton was up there but still not close to Seaver….Steve’s numbers are 95.82% of the vote and is ranked number 10 on the list.

So i turn to you guys in the blogging world…..Are the voter’s right to hold Seaver’s career better than Palmers or Carlton’s?? How’s the better pitcher here?? Why is he the better pitcher?? So many questions…..