What up homies!! Well today i picked up some sweet older wax boxes at the shop…. 3 boxes total 1994 Score Select,1993 Score Select Rookies and Traded, and a box of 1993 Fleer Flair….. Guess how much and win all the cards of your team that i pull….Good luck!!

Also picked up some new trade bait…. Tampa Bay fan look out cause i picked up 2 auto cards!! Plus a handful of other auto’s and game used cards…. Plus the other stuff anyways tonight will being the rip fest…. Plus the one of four trade posts i’ll be putting up!

Also be one of the first three to leave a comment and win your team cards from the break! 🙂

Update: Troll,Bud and Nachos Grande please pick your teams as you guys where the first three to leave a comment. Play at the plate you guessed the right amount of 15.00 dollars for all three boxes!! please pick your team…. As for the rest of ya’ll please pick your teams and leave a comment with what team you pick then send me an email with your address….. this is going to be fun!! Also Troll as there are no Rays please pick a 2nd team to rep!