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Well do you know?? Silly Billy’s its baseball cards,duh! Anyways had a great chance to pick up some of the these sets and i did… And i wanted to share them with my bloggin’ peeps!! I really got a great deal on them so I couldn’t pass them up… Here we go!! 

Here we have a picture of all three sets…. The K-Mart set is made by Topps and it’s from 1982. It’s a set of AL and NL MVP’s, 44 cards total and one stick of gum… Yummie! It has all the MVP winner from 1962 to 1981, all cards are up for trade and if you want the complete set please let me know, i think the guy had another set of these…. Here a picture of what the cards look like!

Notice the piece of gum…. I will send it to whoever will chews it on a video and post it on their blog! Next we have the 1990 Ames All-Star collectors set….It has 33 cards in it and it’s also made by Topps…. Some of the names in this set are as followed Dave Winfield,George Brett,Jim Rice,Dwight Evans,Robin Yount,Dave Parker,Fred Lynn,Wally Joyner,Wade Boggs,Paul Molitor,Kirby Puckett,Kirk Gibson,Joe Carter and many more… All are up for trade too…. Here a pic!

And last we have the 1993 Hostess Set, now this one is not made by any major name brand but it has Major League Baseball logo’s on it some their good to go! It’s a 40 card set and over a great looking set… Many of the top name from 93 are in here and all are for trade also! Here a pic and thanks!