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If you have no idea what was part one, you can check it out here….Found in an Attic….. Part 1. Like i said found these today while working in an attic laying down A/C duct work……. This i taught was really cool, i liked it when i picked up a few singles for my PC’s…..Here’s a pic!!

That’s right, 1977 cloth stickers about 100 of them!! And a lot of big names too…. Plus a wrapper from 77′, very cool…

Topps printed this 55-sticker, cloth-front set as a companion to their normal 660-count issue. It came in its own wax packs and proved relatively popular. The peel-away, self-adhesive back includes player highlights. I think i have 54 of 55 cards in the set…. I’m going to put them in sheets tomorrow and find out who the last piece is! I have the Ryan which would run between 45 and 90 bucks…..Also had 18 puzzle cards which could be joined to form a photo of the american
league or national league all-star teams.I have all 18 piece…Yay!!