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Well the day couldn’t be better for some baseball…. The sky was blue and the field was as green as can be. As we got to  Fort Lauderdale Stadium former home of Baltimore Orioles and New York Yankees, the traffic seemed a little bit to much…. Well as luck would have it the Pro-Bowl Practice was going on right next door in Lockhart Stadium. There where more people than i taught would be there to tell you the truth. But in all a great time had by all. Well as soon as i walked in i ran into Anthony Telford…. I must say he was really nice and signed a ton of autographes.

Well after that it was off to buy the tickets my homie Jorge and me went together to hang out which he manned the picture taking all day so mad daps to him.Well the line for the tickets was fast, 10 bucks later we where in and onto the top of the dugout to score was auto’s!

That’s it for now i have a ton of other post to type up and post….. and complete the Found in the Attic saga, and mad trade posts!! Thanks for reading…. Look for the 2nd part later on tonight!