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I’ve been to this site since it took off and i have a blast looking thoughtout the database of cards that they have in stock. And the best thing is i get to haggle with people over the price….. I love that! Anyways first off the autographes, i gotta say that from under 20 bucks i got a great deal on all these cards…..

Now these ARE not for trade….. Its for my own collection of cards…. I love the Jordan Zimmermann card, but the Adam Lind card is toooo sweet and i got it for under 4.00 bucks!! And all i keep hearing for a couple of my friends that Adam is going to be a stud when he gets out of a Bluejays uni…. We’ll see i guess but right now i taught to stock up on a couple of his cards…. And of couse of have my boy Scott Olsen 2 auto for under 3 bucks, you can beat that!! I still to this day love Scott, i wish one day that the Marlins bring him back! Your my boy Scott….Your my boy!!! Last 2 Tampa Bay boys that are going to have make it or break it years…. Jeff Niemann and Elliott Johnson, make it!!!

ok switching gears i taught i start showing some love to my Cuban ballplayer collection and bought a nice couple of cards for it…. Well start off with Tito….

Then onto a couple of other Cuban ballplayers…..

And at last we end with a bunch of rookie cards of some players we all know!~!

Thanks for reading…… And we love you Cookie Rojas!!!