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Well today is My Past Time……. I Love It!! birthday…..Yay!!! It turned one earlier today… What a long  journey we have been thought… I’ve enjoyed all the friends and trade partners I’ve made here, plus all the great blogs to read and learn from. A big thank you to Brian from 30-year old Cardboard and Mario over at Wax Heaven. Without those two there would be no My Past Time……. I Love It!!….. Winning trader of the year was also a great highlight this year, it just shows my passion for trading cards. To me it’s not about book valve, it’s about the love I have for this hobby. And thanks too all of you that read my blog, you guys keep me on my toes and making sure I write everyday…. Troll, Jay @ Mojo and Paul over @ CCC,  Lonestarr, B @ Play at the Plate, Capt. and M.Ryan thanks to you guys for your great in site and wisdom, you guys are the shit!! With that i say till next time…. Wicked out!!