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Today was a good day…. The Canavan was great, got there early sat at the bar and had a Coke….The player got there a little late but stayed and signed everything one could throw at them…..Andrew Miller was stands out because he reaches out to the fans….. He takes his time and talks to everyone……Well here are some pic’s from the signing….

the first two where all the players that where there…. The top three being Johnson,Maybin, and Miller…..The bottom picture is Josh Johnson signing some of my cards…..Here the loot from the Canavan!!

i ended up only taking four Maybins and they all got signed!! Maybin was really cool and really looked like he was enjoying himself… Thanks CM!!

With Miller i ended up taking six cards and they all got signed…. He even asked if i had any more…. what a guy,huh?? Andrew is mad cool and enjoys collecting his own cards!! Thanks Andrew!! Your a class act!

With JJ i took seven cards and they all got signed!! The Two A&G are mines, no ands if or but about it…. The other ones with be for people who ask for one…. Heres the deal tho, once i tell you what card your getting please replace my card with the same card…. I took these out of my collection so i don’t have doubles.. So i need a replacement… ok I’ll let ya’ll know who getting which one soon… And in order ya’ll left your comments!

Here’s a couple more picture of stuff and people that where there…. And a great thing i won!!

I also got my 2009 All-Star ball signed by Josh…. Isn’t a sweet looking ball, i love the colors on the seams….

Here’s Tommy Hutton and myself looking oh so pretty…. I think Tommy grabed my butt but i let it slide, after all its Tommy Hutton!! What a great guy!!

And lastly we have the item which i won….. Two VIP tickets to Marlins FanFest on Saturday….WOOOHOOOO…. that means no paying for parking and i get to mingle with the players in a clubsuite…. I can’t wait for FanFest!!!

Overall a Hit with everyone that made it out….. It wasn’t the turnout i taught it would be but hey i was there and thats all that counts!! Good Times!!!