Yesterday after signing up for  JD’s Wild Cardz Winter Olympics Contest. I ended up with Belgium…. First thing that comes to mind?? Waffles, hell yeah!! I always go with the number i wore in highschool for the sports i played in, 41. It’s werid but i was a huge Glen Rice fan back in the days!!


Belgium will be participating in the following sports Alpine skiing pictogram.svg Alpine skiing, Bobsleigh pictogram.svg Bobsleigh, Figure skating pictogram.svg Figure skating, Short track speed skating pictogram.svg Short track speed skating, and Snowboarding pictogram.svg Snowboarding…. There strongest area seems to be Figure Skating with Kevin van der Perren and hottie Isabelle Pieman…..


 Belgium hasn’t medaled in the Winter Olympics since 1998 when Bart Veldkamp took home a bronze medal in speed skating…. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed!! Go Belgium!!