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Hello my dear readers….. Hopefully ya’ll are doing great!! As for me before i drive head first into this post, a couple of things you should know…. By now i’ve come to think that you guys ( you know who you are) are my cyber family… You read my blog on a daliy basics and leave very nice comments about things you think are cool. Well i haven’t said it enough i guess but here it goes…. Thank you my friends for always taking the time out of your day and reading and leaving comments. It’s you guys that keep me going and posting almost everyday… Other than that i’ve been buying up allot of cards and sets… I’m ankle deep in cards at home and i have to clean up soon if not the wife is going to kill me so i told meself that by this weekend everything will be put away, i’ll keep my fingers crossed…. And this one has to do with work.. As allot of you know i’m a Maint. Supervisor for a large company the other day i got the new that my boss on site was leaving for a better postion in the company…. Now i have no issue with that what so ever but i really hate change…. so as that goes i’ll let ya’ll know!! On to FanFest!!

Alrighty then….note to self (make sure to bitch slap yourself after writing this) Fanfest was great, the crowd was crazy and ready to have some fun and the place was rockin’. This year like last year it was on the field…Mind you the field that just saw the Super Bowl being played on it… So it was kind of cool to be stand in the endzone, and yes i did a little dance while standing there….. i got there early as hell hoping to find Mario from Wax Heaven for an on video interview but he was ghost…. While that sucked cause i wanted that breaking interview the day did go on…. I did the lines and got great auto’s but i didn’t stick around for the whole thing…. I had a little shopping to do with it being V-day the next day and all. Overall great time had, the Marlins did a great job making sure everything went smooth and the players where all very friendly! Here some pictures enjoy…Wicked out!

I had to skip allot of people to get this signed…. Mr.NL ROY 09 Chris Coghlan!!!