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Today been a laid back day around case da Wicked…. Not much going on, took the boys to the park this morning with the wife….. Headed back home put the little one to take a nap, and mommy and Austin fell asleep watching Finding Nemo. But before she fell asleep she handed me a package with some goodies in it…. The package was from Checkoutmycards.com. Yay-yay, i ripped it open and saw that she had gotten me most of the rest of the cards i missing to complete the 1968 Topps Game Set…. With the cards she got me it only leaves four cards missing to complete the set…. The Mick, Clements, Mays and Rose ….. I look to complete this set by my birthday if not sooner.. Thanks to the greatest wife and mommy in the whole wide world!! Love ya! Wicked Out!~